what a crazy place to be, our minds.

spinning in thought with no control.

why do we let the chaos of the uncontrollable

have so much power?

It’s not fair to your soul.

Be kind to yourself.


Just let It go…

Stay in the moment.

It’s all that matters right now.

Control only the things you can,

Leave the rest up to God.

If it’s in your cards, if it’s meant for your journey,

it WILL eventually happen.

Learn to be present, learn patience and peace.

Take a deep breath and let go.

Things WILL be okay, they always have been,

See the silver lining in everything.

Meditate, focus, and pray.

For in the right timing, you will see.



Conversations with My cousin..

When tragic things seem to happen to me, I feel I am the world’s worst at letting it consume me. I feel I drag myself around and constantly find myself throwing pity parties that not even myself wants to be a part of.

I tell people all the time, and I try and live life in the same manner of “brush it off, meditate it away.. etc, etc.”

easier said than done……

Look, I fall short everyday. It is what makes me human. But I also acknowledge this and eventually pick myself up, allow myself to feel why I am hurt, and then it is up to MYSELF, and ME only to decide how I am going to let this change my life.

Am I going to wallow and worry and keep losing weight in an unhealthy manner, and speak ill of all of life? OR am I going to stand tall, learn my lesson, grow, welcome change and see the beauty in even our worst days?

The latter sounds much more appealing to me..

I will be the first to admit, sometimes I think I have met my peak at what I am capable of going thru. I had a long talk with my cousin, who is my absolute best friend on my life. I like going to him for some serious talks because he will tell me like it is, and he doesn’t sugar coat anything. He is a realist and I like that. He calls me on my BS and he has some strong opinions on the people and things  I allow in my life (yet he still has my back regardless) and I need that.

ANYWAYS… back to the point.

I had this long talk with my cousin, and he told me that I need to take a step back and focus my energy on myself for a minute. He mentioned that after a trauma/tragedy (mine being the passing of my father just a few months ago) that I don’t need to be making any serious or drastic decisions in life anyways for a very long time.

That seemed so crazy at the moment, but i sat there and thought about it and he is right. I have allowed nothing but chaos in my life ever since my dad passed away and to be honest, ever since the night I took him to the ER almost 4 years ago, my life has been nothing but chaos. For FOUR years.

A lot has happened…

It is time for me. Time for me to find myself again. Rebuild what I allowed so many outside factors to determine my happiness and entire life. I am exhausted. It is time to rest and rebuild.

The last thing I will mention from my conversation with my cousin, he said just look at all you have going for you right now.  Focus on those things, and be thankful.

He is 100 percent right.



Consume yourself in the things that make your soul happy.

that makes your spirit feel free.

Consume yourself in the positive of life.

letting go of what is holding you down.

YOU are in control of your feelings, your journey.

you are your own guide to what brings you happiness.

 Consume the vibes and energy that fuel you.

release yourself of what doesn’t.

Consume, submerge and..



It matters.

Be careful who you lend your heart out to.

Never let someone have more control over your feelings and your heart, than you do.

It’s okay to feel hurt, and it’s okay to feel sad. Accept those feelings. Feel them, and understand how it makes you feel and why.

Then move on.

Don’t stay in those feelings. Acknowledge them, understand them, and then keep moving.

Trust your gut, your instincts are more keen than you realize.

Your happiness matters. Your feelings matter. You matter.

Never forget this.

Positive mind-positive vibes-positive life.

Truth is..


Truth be told.

The thing is, i’m afraid to let my emotions go.

The feeling of vulnerability and openness.

But these thoughts in my head, never seem to rest.

The thinking, and pacing, is the time ever right.

When your thoughts won’t leave you alone,

and the urge to set free.

All the thoughts in your mind,

that just won’t let you be.


They say the truth will set you free.

lift the weight from your shoulders.


It’s really Not that Complicated…

“Life is really simple, but we must insist on making it complicated”.



Yeah. Pretty much. I have asked so many people lately if they worry. Or basically what their stress level was, and what they found themselves stressing over. Maybe I was asking them to find justification in my own worrying and stress. One lady I asked, and granted, she can be like a light switch and as different as day is to night, but, she said something simple that stopped my worry for a moment and reflect on what she said that actually made sense. She said part of her theory on worry comes from the Serenity Prayer, and in her words this is how she explained it.

“What I have control over, I don’t worry about, I accept it or I change it. What I do not have control over, is going to happen and I have to pray about it and learn how to deal with it.”

This lady actually made some sense. She said a few other things that I cannot remember unfortunately to say, but this, I took away from our conversation.

Why am I worrying over things that I cannot change? Why am i allowing myself to live in the misery of worry when I am much bigger than any problem that comes my way. Things will happen, just like a log flowing thru the river, we watch it pass and we move on. We wonder maybe, where did it come from? Where is it going? But we move on and look forward.

Am I making sense or is it just making sense in my head??

Basically, I just want to learn and start letting life just happen. Things out of my control, I must learn to roll with the punches. We should all learn to ask ourselves,

“Do I have control over this situation?”

“Can I change what is happening?”

Something happening out of your reach? Out of your control?

-PRAY about it

-And learn to deal with it and roll with the punches.

If you want a change, step up and make one. Don’t waste your time worrying over it. YOU are in control of your OWN life. You, YOURSELF.

Positive vibes-Positive mind-Positive life.